Before and after: Post-production techniques

Each part of a day has different qualities of light and choosing the correct time of day you shoot a scene is just as important as where you place your camera. I often capture multiple exposures of the same scene and compose them together. In this collection of my work you can see the difference between my original photo as it appeared straight-out-of-camera and the finished photograph used by the client once post-processing has been finished.

Edited Home PhotographUnedited home photograph
Unedited Building PhotographyEdited Building Photography
Unedited Building PhotographEdited Building Photography
An edited photo of a pub in CambridgeshireUnedited photo of a pub in Cambridgeshire
Building Photo BeforeBuilding Photo Before
Interior Design PhotographerInterior Design Photographer
A Commercial Building Photo after editA Commercial Building Photo after edit
Landscape Photography of London BeforeLandscape Photography of London After